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Housing Law Research: NY

This guide provides information on housing law and identifies pertinent print and online resources available through the NYU Law Library. Jurisdictions covered include federal and some NY and NYC law.

NY Housing Laws Basics

NY laws are codified into Consolidated Laws of New York. Titles of NY’s consolidated laws pertaining to housing include the following:

  • General Obligations Law
  • Real Property Law
  • Real Property Actions Proceedings Law
  • Multiple Dwelling Law
  • Multiple Residence Law.

Moreover, several of NY’s unconsolidated laws include provisions relating to rent control and/or rent stabilization. Those laws include:

  • Local Emergency Housing Rent Control
  • New York City Rent Control Law
  • Emergency Tenant Protection Act
  • Emergency Housing Rent Control Law
  • New York City Rent Stabilization



Sources of NY Consolidated and Unconsolidated Laws