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Free Academic Resources During Closure: BEGIN HERE

Many publishers are graciously making resources (including casebooks) freely available to NYU law students affected by closures due to the pandemic until generally the end of the semester. This guide inform on portals offering these resources.

Begin Here

To determine if you can access a class book online that you no longer have physical access to during the Library closure, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Check Julius catalog to see if the Law Library already has electronic access to the book that you need. Some assigned course books and course reserve materials are available through the Library subscription databases. This page contains a non-exhaustive list of some of the materials on course reserve (Spring 2020) that are available via Library databases.

Step 2: If not, identify the publisher of the book you need. You can do this by searching for the title in the Julius catalog or on a bookseller website like Amazon.  If the book is published by West Academic or Foundation Press, follow the instructions here to see if online access is available.

Step 3: If it not, check VitalSource Helps. Many Wolters Kluwer/Aspen books are on VitalSource Helps. See instructions and limitations here. You can also check RedShelf Responds (here) and other free resources  available from additional publishers listed here.

Be aware that not all assigned books and/or course reserve material will be available online.


Guide Introduction & General Advice

Many publishers are graciously making resources (including casebooks) freely available to students affected by closures due to the pandemic until generally the end of the semester. This guide aims to inform NYU Law students about portals offering these resources.

Remember, that there are many Library e-resources (databases, ebooks and ejournals) that you can use for study and research purposes in addition to the portals discussed in this guide. These can be used any time, from any where.  See the Law Library research guides and the Julius catalog to learn about these resources and to access them. Law Students can also use the e-resources available through Bobst Library (not all will be listed through Julius). Some ebooks may also be available through Bobcat that are not on Julius. 

Even though the Library is closed, reference librarians are still here to help. If you have questions, email the guide author or reference librarians