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Study Aids

Guide Outline

The links below can be used to navigate to various tabs in this guide. Several individual pages may be found beneath the main tabs.

Scope of Guide & Advisory Note

This guide is selective and not comprehensive and should be used as a starting point for further research - A STUDY AID IS NEVER A SUBSTITUTE FOR OUTLINING AND INDEPENDENT STUDY.

This guide overviews the various study aid publishers/types you can access at the law library; each publisher may cover different subjects, so it is up to you to identify the best series for your learning method and course. As with all study aid materials, the information in each resource may not be entirely accurate for your jurisdiction, course, or professor.

Inclusion of a link to a website on this research guide should not be interpreted as an endorsement of the accuracy or currency of the material on the website. Moreover, no information in this research guide should be interpreted as legal advice.

Additional assistance may be obtained at the Reference Desk.