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NAFTA Research: NAFTA Secretariat & National Sections

This guide lists essential sources for researching the North American Free Trade Agreement system. NOTE: Main tabs list important general sources that might not be repeated in the dropdown tabs.

NAFTA Secretariat

The FTC oversees the NAFTA Secretariat which is comprised of the Canadian, U.S. and Mexican Sections. The Secretariat provides adminstrative support for the dispute settlement process and to the Commission and the various non-dispute related committees and working groups.

NAFTA Free Trade Commission (FTC)

Article 2001 of the NAFTA created the Free Trade Commission to supervise the implementation of the NAFTA, oversee its further application, decide disputes about its interpretation, and establish, supervise and delegate to committees, working groups and other delegated bodies. The FTC is comprised of cabinet-level representatives of the three parties, or their designees.

National Sections

The three national sections that jointly comprise the Secretariat are linked from the National Sections link on the Secretariat page.