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WTO/GATT Research: Documents & publications

This guide presents the essential sources for researching the former GATT and the current system under the Uruguay Round agreements and the World Trade Organization. NOTE: Main tabs list general sources that might not be repeated in the dropdown tabs.

About GATT/WTO documents & publications

See also Bluebook Rule 21.11.
WTO bodies issue many documents each year, such as notifications, minutes and dispute settlement reports. The same was true of the GATT. In contrast with U.N. documents, libraries generally do not hold GATT and WTO documents in print. A few libraries hold a large microfiche collection of GATT-era documents and some are online. The Documents Online database is the ongoing source for WTO documents. Some documents are restricted and may later be derestricted (see information on the GATT and the WTO procedures).
The chart on this page directs you to the various collections. For more information, see the subtabs GATT and early WTO documents, 1940-1998 and WTO documents, 1995-present and the main page for WTO Official DocumentsThe WTO Trade Topics page on your topic might have a collection of relevant documents and a tailored search engine for finding more documents. Also, watch for cites to GATT and WTO documents as you read books and articles on your topic. Note any document symbols so that you can use them in your online searching. In full text documents, the symbol is in the upper right corner.
The WTO Publications page has Annual Reports, International Trade Statistics, Trade Policy Reviews, etc. Download free PDFs of some publications and search the online bookshop.