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Finding Articles: Citation Manuals & Article Citation Examples

This guide informs on finding articles and covers legal and interdisciplinary databases, newspapers and working papers.

Citation Manuals & Guides

Citation Examples Using Bluebook Style


A Few Common Errors with Article Citations Using Bluebook Style

1) Failing to check if the journal is consecutively or non consecutively paginated and following the appropriate citation rules for each type of periodical. See  B.16.4 and B. 16.5.

2) Incorrect formatting of an author's name. See, e.g., B. 16.2 and B. 15.1(a) ("The first time a work is cited, always give the author’s full name as it appears on the publication, . . . ").

3) Misusing "et al." with authors' names. See, e.g., B 15.1(b) ("Either use the first author’s name followed by “et al.” or list all of the authors’ names. . . . ").

4) When there are two authors, using incorrect order of authors' names and using "and" instead of an ampersand. See, e.g. B 15.1(a) ("List the authors’ names in the order in which they appear on the title page, separated by an ampersand . . . )

5) Incorrect capitalization of the article title. See, e.g., B. 16.3 and B. 8(a) ("Do not capitalize articles, conjunctions, or prepositions when they are four or fewer letters, unless they begin the heading or title, or immediately follow a colon."). This rule applies (usually) even if the article's title is capitalized differently. See B 16.3 (Cite the full periodical title as it appears on the title page, but capitalize according to rule 8 (unless the title is not in English, in which case follow rule 20.2.(b)).