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Beyond Westlaw and Lexis for Online Research: Citation

This guide provides information on online resources beyond Westlaw and Lexis, and identifies pertinent resources available through the NYU Law Library

Bluebook Citation

Rule 10: Cases

10.1: Basic Citation Forms

10.2: Case Names

10.3: Reporters and Other Sources

10.4: Court and Jurisdiction

10.7: Prior and Subsequent History

10.8: Special Citation Forms - Pending and Unreported Cases (10.8.1)

Rule 12: Statutes

12.2.1: General Rule

12.3: Current Official and Unoffical Codes

12.4: Session Laws

Rule 13: Legislative Materials

13.1: Basic Citation Forms

13.2: Bills and Resolutions

13.3: Hearings

13.4: Reports, Documents and Committee Prints

13.7: Electronic Media and Online Sources

Rule 14: Administrative and Executive Materials

14.2: Rules, Regulations and Other Publications