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Researching and Writing a Law Review Note or Seminar Paper: Choosing Journals Resources

This guide points to library resources that can be used to assist with writing a law review note or a A-paper--including selecting a topic, conducting a preemption check, researching the topic, drafting the text and perfecting the footnotes.

Resources to Discover and Evaluate Journals

A range of considerations may factor into your decision of which journals to target in the submission process.

  • Is a general purpose law review or a subject focused journal a better fit?  Student or professional edited journal? Explore different types of law journals by clicking on these lists of legal journals. Don't forget  to consider submitting the piece to an interdisciplinary journal or a bar journal, particularly if state focused. Explore inter-disciplinary journals on the Bobst website.
  • Does the journal's reputation factor into your decision? Click here to access sources offering journal metrics.
  • Will your paper meet the journal's submission guidelines? Learn more about journal policies here.