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United Nations & League of Nations: UN Documents, publications & search engines

This guide lists essential sources in print and online for researching the law-related activities of the League of Nations and the United Nations. NOTE: Main tabs list general sources that might not be repeated in the dropdown tabs.

Quick tips

To find a UN document if you know the document symbol, paste this url into your browser: document symbol


See also the resources listed under Getting Started and the tab for Official Records in this guide.

About UN documents & publications

UN DOCUMENTS:  "A document is a text submitted for examination to a principal or subsidiary organ of the United Nations for consideration by it, usually in connection with an item on its agenda."  U.N. Doc. ST/AI/189/Add.3/Rev.2  UN official documents are also referred to as working, sessional, masthead, or mimeographed documents. They can include reports, letters, draft resolutions, individual final resolutions, individual meeting records, budgets, and other materials, and they may or may not be republished in a compiled volume of official records.

How to read UN document symbols, United Nations Dag Hammarsköld Library Research Guide

UN Documentation Research Guide, United Nations Dag Hammarsköld Library

QUICK TIP for finding online UN documents by symbol: Paste this url into your browser:[your document symbol]. 

UN PUBLICATIONS: "The term United Nations publication refers to any written material which is issued by or for the United Nations to the general public, normally under the authorization of the Publications Board."  U.N. Doc. ST/AI/189/Add.3/Rev.2

Surveys of UN activities in this guide has a list of law-related United Nations publications. 

Databases, search engines, indexes, & lists of UN documents & publications