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Non-Traditional Law Study & News Resources: X (Formerly Twitter)

This guide provides links to Internet-based resources for use in studying the law and keeping current on the law.

NYU Law Social Media

For a comprehensive list of NYU Law X (formerly Twitter) accounts, see this page maintained by the Communications department.

Law School & Legal-Related

See below for an abbreviated list of other relevant X (formerly Twitter) accounts to follow. 

NYU Law and Affiliates

See below for a list of NYU Law-affiliated X (formerly Twitter) accounts including centers and institutes, journals, and student organizations.

Advanced Searching

As X (formerly Twitter) becomes more widely used by elected officials and lawyers, knowing how to use and search the platform efficiently has become more important. 

X has an Advanced Search feature that can make finding tweets on particular subjects or from particular users easier to find. For help on using X's advanced searching feature, see their how-to guide here.