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Keeping Current On The Law: NYU Law Faculty

Many online resources enable readers to create email alerts and RSS feeds to keep current on the latest legal information.

Assistance and Advice

In addition to employing the tools explained in this guide, NYU Law faculty may contact their library liaisons or the reference desk for assistance and advice on how to best meet their current awareness needs.

Law Review Title Service

On a weekly basis, the title pages of law reviews from U.S. law schools are scanned and emailed  to NYU Law faculty. A limited archive of these documents (usually covering the past 6 months) is available. Access limited to NYU Law School faculty.  


For email delivery of the New York Law Journal, National Law Journal,  or other publications from

  1. Register for a personal account within
  2. Once registered, sign in to
  3. Click My Account, Email Newsletters
  4. Choose the ones from which you would like email alerts