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Keeping Current On The Law: Smart CILP & CILP

Many online resources enable readers to create email alerts and RSS feeds to keep current on the latest legal information.


Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP) is a weekly list of recently published legal articles, organized by topic. As of this writing, the service indexes over 570 legal publications. CILP is not an email alerting service, but a web service that updates weekly. CILP is also available on Westlaw.

Smart CILP

Smart CILP is the weekly email service of CILP. Profiles are based on three criteria:

    1. Topic Headings
    2. Subject Headings
    3. Journal Titles 

Before creating a profile at the SmartCilp website, users must obtain a SmartCilp authorization code. The authorization code is limited to NYU Law faculty and students and is available from Law Library's Password List.