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Interlibrary Loan & Scanning

Who is eligible?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a service for faculty, students, and staff of NYU Law school. 

Non-NYU Law School faculty, students, and staff should use Bobst Library's ILL services or the ILL services offered by their local public library.  

How do I create an ILL or ILLiad account?

ILLiad is the portal used by NYU Law School to process all ILL requests. ILLiad allows you to place and track ILL requests, check due dates, renew items, and view your ILL borrowing history.

Before submitting an ILL request through ILLiad, you must set up your ILLiad account.  Please complete the one-time registration form and create a username and password. 

If you forgot your password, enter your username in the Change Password page and click "Reset Password." 

If you forgot your username, please contact the ILL Department at

What materials can be requested?

The ILL Department will do their best to attempt to obtain most types of materials provided they are not owned by NYU. 

Before placing ILL requests, you should attempt to locate print or digital copies through the NYU Law School Library catalog and Bobst's catalog

Please bear in mind that most libraries will NOT lend the following types of materials:

  • NYU Law School owned books available in reference and/or course reserve
  • Casebooks
  • Multi-volume sets
  • Complete issues of periodicals
  • Rare books, materials from Special Collections, original manuscripts or other unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

How long does it take to process an ILL request?

Materials are usually received within 5-10 working days. Turnaround time may be affected by the availability of the material, the location of the lending institution, and their staffing.

How many ILL requests can I submit?

In cases where one person submits an extremely large number of requests at one time, it may be necessary, in the interest of fairness, to balance the processing of these requests relative to other incoming requests. For that reason, bulk requests may take somewhat longer.  The ILL Department reserves the right to limit the number of items processed.

NYU Law students may a scan of items owned in print in the NYU Law School Library.  

To request a scan, please enter SCAN REQUESTED in the "Notes" field of your ILLiad request. 

  • This service is for the purposes of research or private study only. 
  • If digital or electronic access is available, the material will not be scanned.  Before submitting an ILL request, you should attempt to locate a digital or electronic copy through the NYU Law School Library catalog and Bobst's catalog. You can also contact the Reference Desk for assistance on whether digital or electronic access is available. 
  • Scans are limited to one (1) chapter in a book or ten percent (10%) of a book or other publication (whichever is less) or one (1) article from a journal issue.  For this calculation, multiple requests for scans from the same book will be aggregated. 
  • We are unable to scan casebooks, textbooks or study aids. 
  • The turnaround time for scans is approximately 3-4 working days.   

The ILL Department also reserves the right to reject excessive scanning requests and any request which may constitute a violation of copyright. 


How long may I keep an item borrowed through ILL?

All loan periods are set by the lending institutions. In general, loan periods are 3 - 6 weeks, with one renewal allowed. The ILL department makes an effort to acquire materials with the longest possible loan period.

ILL material is occasionally recalled before its due date by the lending institution. We will notify you if such circumstances should arise.

Is there a cost for ILL?

ILL is provided free of charge to NYU Law faculty, students, and staff.

Overdue fines will be assessed in accordance to the lending library's policies as to fines, costs, and fees. You are responsible for any fines assessed by a lending library for print or physical material(s) returned after its due date. If you lose or misplace an ILL item, you will also be responsible for replacement costs. 

Failure to pay fines and/or failure to return ILL items can also result in the suspension of library privileges.


What if I cannot find the answer to my question here?

Please contact the ILL Department at