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Case Law Research: State and Regional Case Law Reporters

This guide provides information on Case Law Research, and identifies pertinent print and online resources available through the NYU Law Library

Regional Law Reporters

West publishes seven regional reporters (Atlantic, North Eastern, North Western, Pacific, Southern, South Eastern, South Western). The National Reporter System covers the appellate courts of all the states and the District of Columbia. A map in the front of each regional reporter volume shows which states are included. The Second and Third Series of West's Regional Reporters are located in the Main Reading Room (MRR). The first series is available in microform in the Golding Media Center. There are also specialized West reporters for New York and California.  All regional reporters are full-text searchable on Westlaw and Lexis.

The regional reporters, their abbreviations and the location and call numbers are:

Atlantic Reporter      A., A.2d, A.3d       Golding, MRR     KF135.A7 A8

California Reporter   Cal. Rptr., Cal. Rptr.2d, Cal. Rptr.3d   Golieb   NYUL KA-C2 61

New York Supplement   N.Y.S., N.Y.S.2d      B2S, MRR      NYUL KA-N7 65

North Eastern Reporter   N.E., N.E.2d         Golding, MRR      KF135.N6 N63

North Western Reporter   N.W., N.W.2d      Golding, MRR      KF135.N7 N62

Pacific Reporter            P., P.2d, P.3d      Golding, MRR      KF135.P2 P33-34x

South Eastern Reporter   S.E., S.E.2d      Golding, MRR      KF135.S6 S612

South Western Reporter   S.W., S.W.2d, S.W.3d   Golding, MRR   KF135.S7 S612-613x

Southern Reporter         So., So.2d, So.3d      Golding, MRR      KF135.S8 S612

West's National Reporter System

State Law Reporters

Many states no longer have official reporters and cases are published in unofficial reporters, or in the West Regional Reporter Series only. Some states have official and unofficial reporters. See the blue pages in the Bluebook for particular states.

The library has official state reporters for all states that publish them. They are shelved with the state collections (other than NY) in the Golieb room. Some older state reporters can be found in microform in the Media Center.

New York: New York Reports are the offical reports for New York, published by the Law Reporting Bureau. The reports include cases decided in the Court of Appeals of the state of New york from 1847.  They are currently published in three series: N.Y. Rep. (1847-1955), N.Y. Rep.2d (1956-2003), and N.Y. Rep.3d (2003 - present).  Appellate Division Reports (A.D., A.D.2d, A.D.3d) are the official reports for cases decided in the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court, State of New York.