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Case Law Research: Citation

This guide provides information on Case Law Research, and identifies pertinent print and online resources available through the NYU Law Library


Rule 10 covers how cases should be cited in legal documents:

10.1: Basic Citation Forms

10.2: Case Names

10.3: Reporters and Other Sources

10.4: Court and Jurisdiction

10.5: Date or Year

10.6: Parenthetical Information

10.7: Prior and Subsequent History

10.8: Special Citation Forms - Pending and Unreported Cases (10.8.1)

B4: Sources and Authorities: Cases


T1: U.S. Jurisdiction Table provides the proper legal citation abbreviations - including for reporter names, and citation conventions for all federal and state courts. Where the jurisdiction's cases are published in more than one reporter, the official reporter is always listed first, and the unofficial reporters are listed in order of citation preference.

T1.1: Federal Judicial and Legislative Materials

T1.3: States and the District of Columbia: State cases may be cited to a regional reporter and/or state court reporters

T6: Case Names and Institutional Authors in Citations: list of words to abbreviate in case names pursuant to Rule 10.2.2

T7: Court Names: list of abbreviations for court names to be used pursuant to Rule 10.4

T10: Geographical Terms: list of abbreviations for geographical locations for use in case citations pursuant to Rule 10.2.2