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Empirical Research and Data Services

This guide provides information on the sources and services available to support the empirical research and data needs of the NYU Law community.

NYU Law Library Data Services

Explore how our Law Library can help you with data:

Managing Your Data:

  • Get help organizing and publishing your data.
  • Choose the best storage to keep your data safe, backed up, and easily accessible.
  • Assist in developing data management plans that follow best practices.

Finding Data:

  • Learn search strategies to find datasets.
  • Get support on evaluating and accessing data.

Visualizing Data:

  • Consult on data preparation.
  • Receive feedback on design.
  • Advise on available visualization tools.

Empirical Research:

  • Explore software for crunching numbers.
  • Get advice on statistical methods and research plans.

If you have any questions or need guidance, please schedule an appointment or reach out by email.

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