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New York Legal Research: New York State Laws

This guide provides information on New York legal sources, and identifies pertinent resources available through the NYU Law Library

Legislative Process

The New York State Constitution vests the legislative power with an Assembly and Senate.  There are two legislative sessions per term.  Below are links to sources discussing the legislative process.


Below are links to sources for finding New York State Bills. Older bills are available at the New York State Library.

Session/Chapter Laws

Session laws are the laws of the annual session of the legislature arranged in chronological order (by chapter number). In New York, new laws are referred to as chapter laws. Session laws are found in the following sources:

Consolidated Laws

The general, permanent laws are contained in the Consolidated Laws of New York, alphabetically by subject. Each volume of the Consolidated Laws has a subject title and chapter number. New York does not print an official version of the Consolidated laws, however there are unofficial print versions that are certified by the state. A free web version is available on the New York State Assembly website, but it is not certified.