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New York Legal Research: Regulations

This guide provides information on New York legal sources, and identifies pertinent resources available through the NYU Law Library

Rule-Making Process

A proposed rule is first reviewed by the Administrative Regulations Review Commission (ARRC) to examine issues of compliance with legislative intent, as well as the impact on the economy and affected parties. Then, the agency files the proposed rule with the Secretary of State. A Notice of Proposed Rule Making is published in the New York State Register. The public then has an opportunity to comment on the proposed rule. The final rule is filed with the Secretary of State and a Notice of Adoption is published in the New York State Register to provide public notice that a new or amended rule has been adopted. A rule is generally  effective when the Notice of Adoption appears in the Register. The Notice of Adoption will include a brief summary of the purpose of the rule.

New York State Regulations

Below are links for finding New York Rules and Regulations and the New York State Register.

New York City Regulations

Below are links to NYC rules and regulations