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Linking To Library Electronic Resources: Links to Westlaw

NYU Law Faculty are able to access many electronic resources for articles, cases, statutes, etc. This guide describes how to create links to these resources for your students in your Brightspace page.


There are two steps to providing a link to resources for your students:

Step one: locate the journal article

Step two: generate a link to the resource

The column on the right-hand side provides instructions for step one, locating the article. The column on the left-hand side provides instructions for step two, generating a link. 

Step One: Locating Resources on Westlaw

The first step in providing links to library resources for students is to find the resource yourself before generating a link. Actually finding a resource will involve different steps depending on what kind of resource you want to provide a link for. The boxes below will provide step-by-step instructions for locating online versions of various types of resources.

Locating Case Law

1. Log into Westlaw.

2. Enter the citation for the case into the search bar. You can exclude the name of the case itself and just enter the citation information (for example, search only 347 U.S. 483, instead of searching Brown v. Board of Ed. Topeka, 347 U.S. 483). 

If you want to use a free resource instead of a paid database:

1. Go to and select the "Case Law" button.

2. Enter the citation into the search bar. Note that not all case law (especially trial and intermediate appellate state court decisions) will be discoverable using Google Scholar.

Locating Statutes

1. Log into Westlaw.  

2. Either:

  • Enter the citation for the statute into the search bar OR
  • Select the statutes content type, then select either the United States Code (U.S.C.) or the state the statute comes from, then navigate to the appropriate title and section. 

If you want to use a free resource instead of a paid database:

For the U.S.C.

  • There are several free resources for the U.S.C., including:

Locating Regulations

1. Log into Westlaw. 

2. Enter the citation for the regulation into the search bar. 

If you want to use a free resource instead of a paid database:

Free Online Federal Administrative Law Resources

Step Two: Creating a Link to Westlaw

Note: Students will be prompted for a Westlaw password before proceeding to the document​​​​​​

1. Click the paper clip icon at the top right of the page, then select "Copy Link."

2. Paste the link into the document or resource you are providing to your students.