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This is the "Finding disputes by topic, article number, etc." page of the "WTO/GATT Research" guide.
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WTO/GATT Research   Tags: foreign & international law, international law  

This guide presents the essential sources for researching the former GATT and the current system under the Uruguay Round agreements and the World Trade Organization. NOTE: Main tabs list general sources that might not be repeated in the dropdown tabs.
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Finding disputes by topic, article number, etc. Print Page

BE SURE TO USE these authoritative guides to dispute decisions

To identify GATT and/or WTO dispute settlement body or Appellate Body decisions by topic, start with the relevantAnalytical Index (listed below). Produced by the Legal Affairs Division of the WTO Secretariat, these two guides also assist in the understanding of decisions taken by other WTO and former GATT bodies. Use the subject index that appears at the end of both volumes or look under the article of the agreement that you are researching.

NOTE: To identify cases subsequent to the coverage of these three tools, use the tools in the next box Finding disputes by topics....

  • Guide to GATT Law and Practice: Analytical Index. Updated 6th ed. Geneva: WTO and Bernan Press, 1995. Two vols. Covers only the GATT and only through 1994, before the Uruguay Round agreements went into force on January 1, 1995. Reference K4603 1947.A44 G85 1995

  • WTO Analytical Index: Guide to WTO Law and Practice. 2d ed. Legal Affairs Division of the WTO Secretariat. Cambridge, U.K.; New York: Cambridge University Press: Bernan, 2007. Covers from Jan. 1, 1995-December 31, 2004. Reference K4610 .W86 2007

    Also online WTO Analytical Index: Guide to WTO Law and Practice.  
    The online 2d edition covers the same period of time. Browse the articles of the agreements, country respondent names, product names, and legal topics.

    Finding disputes by topics, products, article number, etc.

    • WTO Documents Online. Simple and Advanced Search forms. 

    • WESTLAW:  WTO-DEC: GATT and WTO decisions, 1948-

    • LexisNexis: Find a Source: GATT will pull up a list of GATT/WTO materials in Lexis. The path to DS reports is Topic >International law >Find Statutes, Regulations & Administrative materials & regulations >Regulations & Agency Decisions >Agency Decisions >GATT panel and World Trade Organization decisions, 1948-

    • TradeLawGuide  Start with the FREE research guide "How to Methodically Research WTO Law Using TradeLawGuide's Research Tools."

      See also Role of Jurisprudence in WTO Law.

      Designed to produce methodical and comprehensive research into the dispute reports, awards and decisions of the WTO, TradeLawGuide offers the following search tools:

      ° cases on particular articles of the agreements (Article Citator & Annotated Agreements & Texts)

      ° cases on particular subjects (Subject Navigator)  

      ° expert commentaries on the cases 

      ° cases that cite rules of treaty interpretation, e.g., Vienna Convention; DSU (Interpretation

      ° articles and cases that cite particular terms and phrases (Terms & Phrases)

      ° cases via full-text searching (Text Search

      ° whether, where and how the WTO and GATT cases, by specific paragraphs and footnotes, have been subsequently cited by the Appellate Body, panels and arbitrators in the context of legal reasoning and finding (Jurisprudence Citator

      ° discussion in the DSB Minutes about a particular policy or issue arising from WTO jurisprudence (what does the DSB think about a decision; what open issues are there that you might use for a paper topic)

      TIP: Use the Short Titles button at the top right to translate short titles, e.g., Argentina--ceramic tiles, to full titles with WTO document symbols and dates. 

      The Negotiating History tab contains a list of Uruguay Round documents, plus downloadable copies of about 1700 documents including the principal negotiating drafts and key working group documents. 

    • Contains the trade agreements; a search engine for the dispute reports; commentaries on the dispute reports; and the Case-Law Index, a topical digest of the WTO dispute reports. Some content requires a subscription.

    • World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Decisions: Bernan's Annotated Reporter.Lanham, Md.: Bernan Press, vols. 1-69. This full-text reporter also has a subject index and finding lists (by country, articles of the agreements, and other WTO documents and reports cited in the reports). The Law Library has 1996-2005. Compact Shelves  JZ5185 .D577x 1998

    • International Trade Law Reports. Ed. Ulick Bourke and Robin Griffith. London, U.K.: Cameron May, 1996-. Reports plus editorial commentary. The Law Library has 1996-mid 2007. Reserve   K4600.A495 I58x

      IMPORTANT! See also . . .

      1. International Arbitration and International Investment in the International Law:Specialized Sources research guide.

      2. NAFTA dispute settlement


        More ways to identify disputes

        • Status of disputes.

        • WTO Appellate Body Repertory of Reports and Awards, 1995-2010. 4th ed. Compiled by the Appellate Body Secretariat. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2007. Reserve  K4610.A7 W67 2011. Online versioncovers through 2005.

        • WTO Decisions: A Comprehensive Topical Index. Eds. C. Christopher Parlin, David Stewart Christy, Jr., and Marcus A. Kraker. London, U.K.: Cameron May, 2004-. This index consists of two tables. The first is arranged by articles of the WTO agreements and provides citations to all the dispute proceedings that have interpreted an article. The second table does the same for general dispute settlement issues, such as evidence and procedure.  An index of all the proceedings makes it easier to determine all the provisions and issues covered by a particular proceeding. Reserve K4610 .A2 P37 2004

        • Handbook of WTO/GATT Dispute Settlement.Pierre Pescatore, William J. Davey & Andreas Lowenfeld. Ardsley, N.Y.: Transnational Publishers, Inc., 1991-.  Looseleaf. Reserve K4602.2 1991

        • BNA Online Services:  The WTO Reporter,International Trade Daily and International Trade Reporter may have summaries of new WTO dispute rulings, often within one day after the ruling is issued.

        • IDATD Integrated Database of Trade Disputes for Latin America and the Caribbean. Search and compare dispute-related information and statistics for Latin American and Caribbean countries. The database is maintained by the Division of International Trade and Integration of the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

        • WTO Dispute Settlement: One-Page Case Summaries. Indexed by WTO agreements and articles. Reserve K4610.A7 W669

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