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Finding Articles: Finding Strategies & Notes for Cite Checkers

This guide informs on finding articles and covers legal and interdisciplinary databases, newspapers and working papers.

Finding Strategies for Newspaper Articles

Finding a Specific Newspaper:  If you know the newspaper you are interested in accessing, search the ejournal finder by the title of the newspaper: The results of the search include available formats (print, electronic, microfilm). If your newspaper does not appear in the results, search Bobcat to find out if the newspaper is in print or microform at the NYU Bobst Library.


Finding a Newspaper Article: Searches for individual articles can be run in databases offering newspapers. A selection of core newspapers databases is available here and a selection of databases offering historical newspapers is available here, Other databases offering newspapers can be found on the other newspaper pages of this guide.

A few Notes for Cite Checkers

Digitization of Newspapers: Some major newspapers are digitized, albeit normally on a delayed basis. Select sources offering digitized versions of newspapers are available here. Bobst Library may also offer some newspapers in microfilm. Check Bobcat for holdings. Many smaller newspapers though are not available at NYU or elsewhere in digitized format or in microfilm. Fortunately, many periodicals, especially law reviews, are now choosing to cite newspapers to their online forms.

Cite checkers should be aware that there are often differences between the online and print versions of newspaper articles, particularly in the titles. While the changes are often not substantively, they can impact citation. So, check to make sure that the title of the article matches the citation format used.