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Foreign and International Tax Research: Primary Law Database Map

Database Coverage Through NYU Law Library


  U.S. Tax Treaties Worldwide Tax Treaties Tax Treaty Case Law National Tax Law (Legislative) National Tax Law (Judicial)
Bloomberg BNA Yes
Yes (through
COUNTRIES feature;
often in Eng. and
signing language
sometimes also
No No No
Bloomberg Law Yes No No No No
CCH Yes No No No No
Yes (in foreign
lanuage and also
often Eng. summary)
Yes (in Eng. translation)
Yes (in foreign language
and alspoften
Eng. summary)
Tax Analysts No
Yes (some in foreign language
when official signed in that
language and many of those
also in English)
Yes (some in foreign
languagewhen official
signed in that
language and many of
those also in English)
No No
Lexis/Lexis Advance


No No Yes (Mexico: Only)  No
RIA Yes (& editorial explanations) No No No Yes
Westlaw Yes Yes No No Yes (Canada, Australia)
Tax & Accountancy (UK) No No No Yes (UK) Yes (International Tax Law Reports provides translations of caselaw worldwide.)

Note: This table focuses on a SEPARATE collection of the pertinent tax law. In many cases, the content would be available within a larger collection. For example, U.S. treaties in Tax Analysts would be found within Worldwide Tax Treaties content. Or, as another example, tax legislation could be found within the database's collection of national legislation for that country.