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Finding Books, Book Chapters, and Book Reviews: Book Chapters

Strategies to find Book Chapters

Finding book chapters can be surprisingly difficult. Below are some strategies that can be used: 

  • Search Worldcat. Worldcat (and other library catalogs) includes book chapters for some books but certainly not all. Try using the keyword field when searching by topic. If you know the book chapter author name or chapter title (in an edited volume), also use the keyword field (not the author or title fields).
  • Search databases that might offer book chapters. Databases likely to offer book chapters include those that offer ebooks and some indexing databases.
  • Consult publisher websites; some such websites post their new books' table of contents.
  • Search Google Books and Amazon. These resources offer some full text material that is searchable. Also, if the book allows a preview you can often find table of contents.




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