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Finding Books, Book Chapters, and Book Reviews: Book Chapters

Strategies to find Book Chapters

If you know the title of the book in which a known chapter is published, search for the book using normal strategies.

If you are searching for chapters written by a known author, there are a range of strategies. You can try searching for the author in the keyword field in Worlcat or checking if the author has a publication list online. 

Searching for book chapters on a topic can be elusive.  Below are some strategies that you can use. 

  • Search Worldcat. Worldcat (and other library catalogs) includes book chapters for some books but certainly not all. Try using the keyword field when searching by topic. Same for a word in the chapter title. 
  • Search databases that might offer book chapters. Databases likely to offer book chapters include those that offer ebooks and some indexing databases.
  • Consult publisher websites; some such websites post their new books' table of contents.
  • Search Google Books and Amazon. These resources offer some full text material that is searchable. Also, if the book allows a preview you can often find table of contents.




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