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Finding Books, Book Chapters, and Book Reviews: Book-Finding Tools Beyond Julius

Types of Book-Finding Tools

There are a range of methods you can use to identify books of interest beyond using the Julius catalog including:

  • Searching other library catalogs like Bobcat, Bobst Library's catalog, or Worldcat (reports on a range of library holdings).
  • Accessing free online tools like Amazon or Google Books or a subscription tool like Books-in-print.
  • For key or preeminent treatises on a particular topic, use this guide's treatise finder or another online treatise finder. Another great way to find key treatises is to use a research guide on the topic. This Cornell LIbrary tool provides links to research guides posted on library websites on a range of topics.
  • Searching the Law Library's ebook collections. (Many of these titles will also be available via Julius,)
  • Checking out publisher websites.

The snapshot to the right illustrates where you can find book-finding tools on the Library website.





Book Finding Tools Beyond Julius Catalog