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Federal Tax Research: Hearings

This guide provides information on federal tax law and identifies pertinent print and online resources available through the NYU Law Library.

Tax Hearing Basics

The "Ways and Means [Committee, H.O.R.] is empowered to hold hearings and mark-up sessions . . . During hearings, the committee hears from witnesses on the advisability of the legislation. This can include the Treasury's Assistant Secretary of Tax Policy, high-level IRS employees, tax practitioners, legal scholars, and others." (BNA Portfolio 100-3d, Bloomberg Law)

The "Senate Finance [Committee] may hold hearings and markup sessions . . ." (BNA Portfolio 100-3d, Blooomberg Law)

Citation, Tax Hearings

The following citation resources may be informative.

  • Bluebook R. 13.3(a), Federal Committee Hearings
  • TaxCite, Pt. 1, B2, Hearings 

Abbreviations, Tax Hearings

Below are pertinent abbreviations.

  • House Committee on Ways and Means=H. Comm. on Ways & Means
  • Senate Finance Committee=S. Comm. on Fin.

Sources of Tax Hearings

Sources of Hearings (Not Specific to Tax Law)

Below are links to a selection of online resources offering information and materials relating to hearings on federal legislation. These sources are not focused on tax hearings.