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Federal Tax Research: Internal Revenue Manual

This guide provides information on federal tax law and identifies pertinent print and online resources available through the NYU Law Library.

Internal Revenue Manual Basics

Abbreviation, Internal Revenue Manual

Below is a pertinent abbreviation.

  • Internal Revenue Manual=I.R.M. or IRM

Sources for Historical IRM

Sources of Internal Revenue Manual

Below are links to select sources offering the Internal Revenue Manual.

Citation, Internal Revenue Manual

The following citation resources may be informative.

  • IRM §, Citing the IRM (1. When citing an IRM section or subsection use the acronym "IRM" along with the IRM number. Don't spell out "Internal Revenue Manual.: 2. When citing multiple IRM sections or subsections within the same paragraph, place the acronym "IRM" before each referenced section or subsection. Also, include the complete IRM number when referencing the IRM section. Example: Proper IRM Reference Format• Correct format: IRM and IRM • Incorrect format: IRMs and 3. Include the IRM part, chapter or section title when referring to other IRM parts, chapters or sections. Adding the title helps readers find the information in the event the content is moved to another IRM subsection within the document. 4. When referencing a subsection within an IRM, insert the entire IRM number down to the lowest level. Include the paragraph or list identifier and the IRM or subsection title.")
  • TaxCite, Pt. 1, C, 5, Internal Revenue Manual